Thursday, June 19, 2014

DeCroce Calls Senate Democrat Budget Plan A Job Killer

Source: Assembly Republican Press Conference -

Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce (R-Morris, Essex Passaic) said the Senate Democrats’ budget proposal that increase taxes and cuts business incentives by $1.6 billion is a “job killer” that will send more people to the unemployment line and keep them there.
DeCroce, a member of the Commerce and Economic Development committee, decried the Senate Democrats plan for failing to include any spending cuts and again call for raising taxes on hard working, productive citizens in the state.
“This is the same old tired song we hear repeatedly at budget time,” said DeCroce. “Raising taxes is the typical response to too many in Trenton and discourages the people working the hardest to create jobs and make business investment in New Jersey.”
DeCroce said adding a 15 percent corporate business tax surcharge and suspending $175 million from the Economic Development Authority’s Business Employment Incentive Program will merely add to New Jersey’s reputation as a bad place to do business.
The Assemblywoman, a small business owner, said the last thing struggling business owners need is yet another tax on their earnings.
“I encourage my Democratic colleagues to look at the national data that continually ranks New Jersey near the bottom as the place to do business in the United States,” said DeCroce. “The state already has a bad business reputation that is responsible for high unemployment. The Senate Democrat plan will guarantee just one thing – fewer jobs.”
Forbes ranked New Jersey 48th in business costs and 38 in regulatory environment in 2013. And CNBC ranked the state 42nd in the cost of doing business and 41st in business friendliness.
“Does anyone think that adding a $1.6 billion burden on people who run businesses and guide corporate investment in New Jersey is going to encourage the creation of more jobs?” asked DeCroce.
The assemblywoman said any serious discussion on the state’s budget has to begin with cutting unnecessary spending.
“Any serious discussion of the state’s budget has to begin with cutting unnecessary spending. Any budget solution that begins with raising taxes ignores our real problems and puts jobs in danger,” said DeCroce.

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